Common name:  Big brown bat

Scientific name Eptesicus fuscus

Family: Vespertilionidae

Photo by Jerry L. Gingerich, D.V.M.


Description:  The fur is long, silky and varies in color from Chocolate-brown to reddish- or golden-brown.  The ears and wing membranes are dark brown to nearly black.  The big brown bat is similar in appearance to the evening bat, but is larger in size.

Wingspan:         13-14 inches

Body length:     2.1-3.2 inches

Weight:               0.4-0.8 ounces

Florida roosting preferences:  Colonial.  Dead tree cavities provide the normal roosting habitat for this bat, but one colony was found roosting in the base of a royal palm leaf stem in south Florida.  They also move into  buildings, bridges and bat houses.

Food preferences:  Insectivorous.  They feed on beetles, planthoppers, true bugs, flies, mosquitoes, flying termites, flying ants and a number of other insects.

Reproduction:  Females usually give birth to two pups in may or June.

Florida status: Uncommon in north and central Florida.  Rare in south Florida.

Florida range:  Found throughout the state except the Florida Keys.


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